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UBB Forum post-migration url redirector

Quick and dirty solution to redirect my migrated UBB forum Topics/Forums/Users URLs to NodeBB ids. it can be used to anything other target forum, doesn't have to be NodeBB, but the source forum must be UBB.


You must create/generate a map of the source topics/forums/users ids, each will map to either ids or slugs of the target forum software you will be using. If you decide to migrate to NodeBB, use the migrator linked below, which will make that easy for you, otherwise, I'll let you figure that out, but your map must look like the map.sample.json in structure. Look at the source if you're curious, it's not as bad as you think.


npm install ubb-redirector
cd node_modules/ubb-redirector
# or you can clone it directly from here
git clone
cd ubb-director
# install dependencies
npm install
# I would use 'forever' or 'supervisor' to keep it running
sudo npm install -g forever
forever -o out.log ubbredirector.js --map="map.sample.json" --port=3000 --host= --verbose
# or simply, for a quick demo, and it will default to values used one line above. minus the -v flag :)
node ubbredirector.js  -v

Required Nginx setup

see to view an example on the setup I needed, basically the old UBB forum lived under, so I have a location /forums directive in nginx to handle all request into that, which just proxies the requests to ubb-redirector for it to handle the logic

UBB Version



if you want to migrate to NodeBB give this nodebb-plugin-ubbmigrator a shot. I also added which proxies the requests to NodeBB's process.