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Web client for üWave servers.


Web client for üWave.



For running in the browser: something modern. The aim is to support ~IE10+ and other modern browsers (recent Chromes and Firefoxes, at least). If you use something reasonably recent and üWave doesn't work, file a bug!

For development: Node versions >=4 and NPM 3.x.

Getting Things Working

üWave isn't yet on NPM, so you have to do a little bit of manual setup.

First, clone the u-wave-core and u-wave-api-v1 repositories. In both directories, run npm link:

cd ./u-wave-core
npm link
cd ../u-wave-api-v1
npm link

The npm link command will create a symlink to the module in the global modules folder. Now, you can create symlinks to the global modules folder inside the u-wave-web folder:

cd ../u-wave-web
npm link u-wave-core u-wave-api-v1
# and install web client dependencies:
npm install

…and now you should be good to go!


The build system is based on Gulp. The most important tasks are aliased as npm scripts:

npm install
# to build the client
npm run build
# to build the client for production environments: (minified, without
# development tools and such)
npm run build -- --minify
# to build the client, watch for changes, and enable live-reload in the browser
npm run watch
# to serve the client on localhost:6041:
npm run serve

See the Gulp tasks documentation for more.


The üWave web client is licensed under the MIT license.

The default mention sound file comes from a pack and is under the License.