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Fix frequent microtypography errors in multiple languages. Write neat texts without bothering about typography rules. Typopo works for English, German, Slovak, Czech and Rusyn language.

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Typopo fixes microtypography hiccups in five languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Rusyn

Typopo fixes punctuation:

  • double quotes (and accidentally typed punctuation related to the use of double quotes)
  • double primes
  • single quotes (with an assumption they are used as secondary and in pairs)
  • single primes
  • apostrophes
  • hyphens & dashes
    • between words with a proper spacing per locale
    • between ordinal and cardinal numbers (e.g. 1–3 eggs)
    • within date (e.g. 2020–08–04)
    • between percentage range (e.g. 20–30 %)
  • period & ellipsis

Typopo fixes whitespace characters:

  • removes extra white spaces
    • at the beginning and the end of sentences (leading and trailing spaces)
    • between words and paragraphs
    • before or after punctuation (where applicable)
    • around an ellipsis and an aposiopesis (where applicable)
    • between a number sign (#) and a number
    • before ordinal indicators (e.g. 1 st → 1st)
  • removes empty lines
  • fixes non-breaking spaces
    • removes a nbsp between multi-letter words
    • replaces a space with a nbsp
      • after one-word prepositions
      • around “×”
      • after “&”
      • after cardinal numbers
      • after ordinal numbers
      • after ordinal Roman numerals
      • before single capital letters that are part of the phrase (e.g. Project X)
      • after name initials (e.g. Philip K. Dick)
      • after common single-word and multiple-word abbreviations
      • before % (percent), ‰ (per mille), ‱ (per myriad)

Typopo fixes words:

  • accidental uPPERCASE
  • the spelling of e.g., i.e., a.m. and p.m.
  • ISSN and ISBN formatting

Typopo fixes symbols:

  • multiplication sign (2 x 3 → 2 × 3)
  • section sign (§)
  • copyright ((c)2020 → © 2020)
  • sound recording copyright ((p)2020 → ℗ 2020)
  • registered trademark (Brand(r) → Brand®)
  • trademark (Brand(tm) → Brand™)
  • plus-minus sign (+-, -+ → ±)
  • square and cube exponents (e.g. 100 µm² → 100 µm², 50 km³ → 50 km³)


You can use Typopo as an online app, VS Code extension, NPM package or JavaScript library.

Online app

URL → https://typopo.org/

The online app is useful especially when you’re a book designer or a DTP operator. Before you typeset raw texts in a DTP app of your choice, run it through Typopo and fix microtypography with a single click.

Typopo—online app

VS Code extension

Typopo—VS Code extension

NPM package

Install Typopo as an NPM package in your web project:

npm install typopo

Import the package:

import { fixTypos } from 'typopo';

Check out an API on how to use the package.

JavaScript library

Download dist/typopo.min.js and include it in your web project or CMS. Check out an API on how to use the library.


Fix typos in given text (string) and locale; with an optional configuration:

fixTypos(string, locale, [configuration])

Locale options (supported languages):

  • "en-us" (English, default)
  • "rue" (Rusyn)
  • "sk" (Slovak)
  • "cs" (Czech)
  • "de-de" (German)

Optional configuration as a JavaScript object:

configuration = {
	// If true, removes empty lines between paragraphs
	removeLines : true, 
	// if true, removes empty lines before a nested Markdown list; 
	// set as false when you use Typopo to fix typography of your Markdown files
	// see examples: https://github.com/surfinzap/typopo/releases/tag/2%2F4%2F0
	removeWhitespacesBeforeMarkdownList : true, 

	// if true, markdown code blocks (i.e. `code`, ``code``, ```code```) will be ignored from being identified as incorrectly used single quote or double quote pairs
	// set as false when you want to fix typos in generic texts (non-Markdown files)
	// set as true when you want to keep Markdown code blocks in your Markdown files
	keepMarkdownCodeBlocks: false,

News & Releases

Check out the changelog for what has been released.

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If you love Typopo and you find it helpful, support the project via Patreon.

Your support will let me continue improving Typopo ecosystem—the app, NPM package and VS Code Extension.


Have you found a bug? Do you have an idea for a feature request? You’re more than welcome to submit an issue here on GitHub.

If you prefer to email, drop me a line at help@typopo.org.


Licensed under MIT license. (See LICENCE.TXT.)

Special thanks

  • @Viclick for adjusting the repo for modularisation (2.0.0)
  • @tomashruby for consultation on architecture (2.0.0)
  • @skurzinz for consultation & test on German typographic rules (2.2.0)
  • Filip Blažek for consultation on typography rules
  • @vit-svoboda for fixing the package to run in Node.js projects (2.3.1)

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