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Make sure they’re curly and point downward even for possessive plurals

Micro module to help eliminate one of the bad typewriter habits.


npm install --save typographic-apostrophes-for-possessive-plurals


This module gives you typographic apostrophes for posessive plurals and only. Because it’s impossible to distinguish apostrophes from single closing quote, I asume zero closing quotes in input text, so it's safe to make "s' "→"s’ " replacement. To achieve zero closing quotes in input use apostrophes and quotes typographic modules before this one.

var apostrophesForPlurals = require('typographic-apostrophes-for-possessive-plurals');
apostrophesForPlurals(`My sisters' friends' investments`);
                    // My sisters’ friends’ investments 

Real world examples

Check complex usage with real world examples in typography playground.


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