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typo is an extendable template engine designed for the future:

  • featured with Promise and async/await.
  • powerful custom sync/async directives(helpers).


$ npm install typo --save


const typo = require('typo')()
typo.template('Hello, {{}}!', {
  user: {
    name: 'Steve'
// Hello, Steve! 

typo with chalk

const typo = require('typo')()
const chalk = require('typo-chalk')
typo.template('Once in a {{blue blue}} moon').then(console.log)
// Then it will print a blue word "blue" 

Custom directives


typo.use('upper', word => word.toUpperCase())
typo.template('{{upper foo}} bar').then(console.log)
// FOO bar 

Asychronous directives

typo.use('fullname', async name => await getFullNameFromServer(name))
typo.template('{{fullname name}}', {name: 'Steve'}).then(console.log)
// Steve Jobs 
typo.template('{{fullname Steve}}').then(console.log)
// Steve Jobs 

Compile the template and use it Later

const template = typo.compile(`Once in a {{blue color}} moon`)
template({color: 'blue'})
// Once in a blue moon 

typo({open, close})

Creates the typo instance.

  • open String={{ The beginning of each directive.
  • close String=}} The end of each directive.

compile(template, compile_options)

Compiles a template into a function.

  • template String
  • compile_options Object
    • async Boolean=true whether should be compiled into an asynchronous function, defaults to true
    • concurrency Number=Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY If compiled as an asynchronous function, the number of max concurrently pending directive functions.
    • value_not_defined enum.<print|ignore|throw>=print Suppose the value of an expression is not found in data, then it will print the expression directly if print(as default), or print nothing if ignore, or throw an error if throw.
    • directive_value_not_defined enum.<print|ignore|throw>=value_not_defined Tells typo what to do if the parameter expression of a directive is not found in data. And this option is default to the value of value_not_defined
// default options 
typo.compile('{{blue color}}')()
// prints a blue letter, "color" 
.then(console.log) => {
// value_not_defined: throw 
typo.compile('{{blue color}}', {
  value_not_defined: 'throw'
.catch((e) => {
  // code frame and 
  // 'value not found for key "color"'' 
typo.compile('{{adjective}} {{blue color}}', {
  value_not_defined: 'throw',
  directive_value_not_defined: 'print'
  adjective: 'beautiful'
// prints "beautiful color", and the letter color is blue 

Returns function(data)

async: false

const result = typo.compile(template)(data)

async: true (default)


template(template, data, compile_options)

  • template String
  • data Object=
  • compile_options Object=

Returns Promise if compile_options.async is true(default), or String the substituted result if is not.


{{<directive>[:<directive-params>][|<directive&params>] <expression>}}