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    This package has been renamed to `@manuth/typescript-eslint-plugin`

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    A plugin for TypeScript which provides eslint-reports to your IDE.

    Getting Started

    First you need to have eslint installed. You can install it by invoking this command:

    npm install -D eslint

    Next go ahead and install this plugin:

    npm install -D typescript-eslint-plugin

    As a last step open up your project's tsconfig.json-file and add this plugin to the settings:

        "compilerOptions": {
            "plugins": [
                    "name": "typescript-eslint-plugin",
                    "configFile": "./my.eslintrc.js"


    You might want to change the behaviour of this plugin to your likings. Following settings are supported:

    • ignoreJavaScript:
      Allows you to disable eslint-reports in JavaScript files (default is false)
    • ignoreTypeScript:
      Allows you to disable eslint-reports in TypeScript files (default is false)
    • allowInlineConfig:
      Allows you to disable eslint configuration-comments (default is true)
    • reportUnusedDisableDirectives:
      Use this setting to disable errors when useless eslint-disable-next-line-comments are reported (default is true).
    • useEslintrc:
      You can disable the processing of .eslintrc.*-files by setting this to false (default is true)
    • configFile:
      Allows you to specify a custom config-file to use (default is undefined)
    • alwaysShowRuleFailuresAsWarnings:
      By setting this to true all rule-failures, regardless whether you set warn or error are represented as warnings (default is false)
    • suppressWhileTypeErrorsPresent:
      Allows you to disable eslint while there are other errors present (default is false)
    • suppressDeprecationWarnings:
      Usually this plugin reports warnings when deprecated rules are in use. Use this setting to disable this feature. (default is false)
    • packageManager:
      Set this option either to npm, pnpm or yarn to load global modules correctly and get propper commands in error messages. (default is npm)
    • logLevel:
      Allows you to set the verbosity of this plugin in the TS Server log either to none, normal or verbose. (default is none)


    When updating the configuration of the plugin using a ConfigurePluginRequest, the settings made in tsconfig.json will presist, as tsconfig.json-settings have a higher priority than the dynamic settings sent using a ConfigurePluginRequest.
    Please let me know if this is not the behavior you'd expect.


    npm i typescript-eslint-plugin

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