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Scalable JavaScript development with types, classes and modules.


npm install -g typescript


tsc hello.ts


  1. Install Node if you haven�t already (
  2. Install Jake, the tool we use to build our compiler ( To do this, run "npm install -g jake".
  3. To use jake, run one of the following commands: jake local - This builds the compiler. The output is in built/local in the public directory jake clean - deletes the build compiler jake LKG - This replaces the LKG (last known good) version of the compiler with the built one. This is a bootstrapping step to be executed whenever the built compiler reaches a stable state. jake tests - This builds the test infrastructure, using the built compiler. jake runtests - This runs the tests, using the built compiler and built test infrastructure. You can also override the host or specify a test for this command. Use host= or test=. jake baseline-accept - This replaces the baseline test results with the results obtained from jake runtests. jake -T lists the above commands.