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    TypeScript Boilerplate for 2021

    Build and test status

    TypeScript project boilerplate with modern tooling, for Node.js programs, libraries and browser modules. Get started quickly and right-footed 🚀

    See also the introduction blog post: Starting a TypeScript Project in 2021.

    Getting Started

    # Clone the repository (you can also click "Use this template")
    git clone https://github.com/metachris/typescript-boilerplate.git your_project_name
    cd your_project_name
    # Edit `package.json` and `tsconfig.json` to your liking
    # Install dependencies
    yarn install
    # Now you can run various yarn commands:
    yarn cli
    yarn lint
    yarn test
    yarn build-all
    yarn ts-node <filename>
    yarn esbuild-browser
    • Take a look at all the scripts in package.json
    • For publishing to npm, use yarn publish (or npm publish)


    esbuild is an extremely fast bundler that supports a large part of the TypeScript syntax. This project uses it to bundle for browsers (and Node.js if you want).

    # Build for browsers
    yarn esbuild-browser:dev
    yarn esbuild-browser:watch
    # Build the cli for node
    yarn esbuild-node:dev
    yarn esbuild-node:watch

    You can generate a full clean build with yarn build-all (which uses both tsc and esbuild).

    • package.json includes scripts for various esbuild commands: see here
    • esbuild has a --global-name=xyz flag, to store the exports from the entry point in a global variable. See also the esbuild "Global name" docs.
    • Read more about the esbuild setup here.
    • esbuild for the browser uses the IIFE (immediately-invoked function expression) format, which executes the bundled code on load (see also https://github.com/evanw/esbuild/issues/29)

    Tests with Jest

    You can write Jest tests like this:

    import { greet } from './main'
    test('the data is peanut butter', () => {
    test('greeting', () => {
      expect(greet('Foo')).toBe('Hello Foo')

    Run the tests with yarn test, no separate compile step is necessary.

    Documentation, published with CI

    You can auto-generate API documentation from the TyoeScript source files using TypeDoc. The generated documentation can be published to GitHub / GitLab pages through the CI.

    Generate the documentation, using src/main.ts as entrypoint (configured in package.json):

    yarn docs

    The resulting HTML is saved in docs/.

    You can publish the documentation through CI:

    This is the documentation for this boilerplate project: https://metachris.github.io/typescript-boilerplate/



    Reach out with feedback and ideas:


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