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    TypeScript definitions for MediaWiki JS interface.

    This package covers the functions and classes in the mw global object, as well a few jQuery plugins used in MediaWiki core. All commonly used parts of the interface are covered but as far as complete coverage is concerned, this is a work in progress.

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    To use types from this package, run

    npm i types-mediawiki

    Edit your project's tsconfig.json file so that it includes

    "include": [

    You should be all set! mw will be available in the global scope. There is no need to put any import statements in the TypeScript source files. This package includes @types/jquery as a dependency, so you don't need to install that separately.

    If you find any errors or have suggestions for more specific typings, please open a PR or file an issue.


    Types for mw.config are included:

    let NS = mw.config.get("wgNamespaceNumber"); // NS gets type number
    let pageName = mw.config.get("wgPageName"); // pageName gets type string

    mw.config entries added by MediaWiki extensions can also be used but their type is not known, so they need to be explicitly cast:

    let namespaces = mw.config.get("pageTriageNamespaces") as number[];

    (mw.config.get('pageTriageNamespaces') gets the type unknown without a cast.)

    MediaWiki API parameters

    This package also provides typings for API request parameters for the MediaWiki Action API. API endpoints defined in MediaWiki core and by a number of common extensions (the ones enabled on English Wikipedia) are covered. These aren't exported to the global scope, however. For usage, you need to import them. For example:

    import type { ApiEditPageParams, ApiParseParams } from "types-mediawiki/api_params";

    Since it is just a type import, it doesn't generate any JavaScript. Hence, such imports can also be used in non-modular applications.


    • Add doc comments for everything. Presently they are rarely there.
    • Add types for more jQuery plugins.




    npm i types-mediawiki

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