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types-local: A TypeScript Definition Helper for not type-defined package in DefinitelyTyped to use easily

types-local is a tool that generates TypeScript definition file (.d.ts) from node package.

types-local uses dts-gen, generates module at types-local/<module-name> and install folder as package.


> npm install -g types-local
# install not type-defined package 
> npm install --save <module-name><module-name2>, ...
> types-local install <module-name><module-name2>, ...

This generates

+-- types-local
   +-- <module-name>
       +-- package.json
       +-- index.d.ts (type definition)
   +-- <module-name2>
       +-- package.json
       +-- index.d.ts (type definition)

And update tsconfig.json

    "compilerOptions": {
        "baseUrl": ".", // if not exists
        "paths": { // add module path
            "${moduleName}": [
            "${moduleName2}": [
# if you want to uninstall definition 
> types-local uninstall <module-name><module-name2>, ...

will remove types-local/<module-name>, types-local/<module-name2>, ... and update tsconfig.json.

Command Options

shorthand full description
-v --version Show version
-h --help Show help


types-local.json allows you to customize types-local behavior.

> types-local init

creates types-local.json with default setting.


name type default description
installDir string types-local types definition location directory

Module Resolution

Currently find node_modules directory from current directory to root directory. If node_modules/${moduleName}/package.json is found, requires node_modules/${moduleName}. If not found, require(${moduleName}) calls.