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Markdown book template


Note that epubcheck requires the jre and the shell script wrapper epubcheck-shell requires bash.


You can install globally using npm:

npm install -g typepress-cli

Quick Start

Provided you have all the prerequisite software installed correctly you can run:

git clone
cd typepress-cli && npm install && ./bin/tp build

All generated files are placed in the build directory.


Run the tests with npm test.


To preview the generated ebooks you can use calibre.

You can preview .mobi files using calibre; OSX users may prefer to use kindleformac. If you use kindleformac then drag the .mobi file onto the application icon in the dock to preview the generated book as the application does not easily allow previewing of .mobi files not downloaded from the amazon store.


This work is derived from pandoc-ebook-template, credit to evangoer.


Everything is MIT. Read the license if you feel inclined.