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A lightweight (read: relatively fast) type-checking library in CoffeeScript.

{overload} = require "typely"

class Multiplier 

  total: 1

  multiply: overload (match) ->
    match "array", (array) -> @multiply element for element in array
    match "number", (number) -> @total *= number

multiplier = new Multiplier

multiplier.multiply 2
multiplier.multiply [ 3, 4, 5 ]


Typely is limited to checking for types, [as per Douglas Crockford's typeOf function][0]. That is: null, undefined, boolean, number, string, date, regexp, array, object, and function. This limitation allows it to run relatively fast, by simply using as an index a string based on the types of the given arguments and seeing whether it returns a function.


npm install typely