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    Fork of typegraphql-prisma

    This project is a fork of another with minor changes, created for personal use.

    Long term support is not guaranteed, use of this copy is at your own risk.


    npm install typegraphql-prisma-nestjs --save-dev

    Differences from the original project:

    Functions and classes used in generated files from scheme of prisma, imports from nestjs


    import { Ctx, Query, Resolver } from "type-graphql";

    In fork:

    import { Context, Query, Resolver } from "@nestjs/graphql";

    Example use NestJS + Prisma2 + Typegraphql

    integration logo

    TypeGraphQL & Prisma integration

    Prisma generator to emit TypeGraphQL types and CRUD resolvers from your Prisma schema.


    The documentation, installation guide, detailed description of the API and all of its features is available on the website.


    You can check out some usage examples on this repo:


    Currently released version 0.x is just a preview of the upcoming integration. For now it lacks some customization option - picking models or fields of object types to expose in the schema, hiding input fields as well as picking exposed args fields. However, the base functionality is working well, so I strongly encourage you to give it a try and play with it.

    Any feedback about the developers experience or ideas about new features or enhancements are very welcome - please feel free to put your two cents by using the GitHub Discussions feature:

    Future plans

    In some far feature, when Prisma SDK will be ready, the typegraphql-prisma integration will also allow to use a code-first approach to build a schema.prisma and GraphQL schema at once, using classes with decorators as a single source of truth.

    Stay tuned! 💪


    npm i typegraphql-prisma-nestjs

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