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    Neo theme for TypeDoc


    This plugin contains a new theme for TypeDoc which focuses on improved readability and navigation.

    Additionally, it extends Typedoc with additional options for a richer user experience.

    Screenshot of external module design

    Visit the Actions on Google Node.js reference to view this theme.

    Visit http://typedoc.org/ to learn more about TypeDoc.


    Build the theme by running yarn build:theme.

    After you install the module, you can use this theme in a build by running:

    typedoc --theme ./node_modules/typedoc-neo-theme/bin/default


    Build the plugin by running yarn build:plugin.

    After you install the module, you can use this plugin in a build by running:

    typedoc --theme ./node_modules/typedoc-neo-theme/bin/default --plugin typedoc-neo-theme

    Alternatively it can be partially placed in the typedoc options:

    typedoc --options typedoc.json --theme node_modules/typedoc-neo-theme/bin/default

    Typedoc options

    This plugin adds additional options that can be placed in your typedoc.json file.


    You may want to specify additional links to appear in your header that don't point to reference documentation but related documentation for your platform.

    "links": [{
        "label": "Guides",
        "url": "https://developers.google.com/actions/extending-the-assistant"
      }, {
        "label": "Reference",
        "url": "https://developers.google.com/actions/reference/nodejsv2/overview"


    The left-hand side is a global navigation. This can be auto-generated by the Typedoc engine and theme, or it can be manually specified by including an object in your options. You provide a custom navigation with links that point to modules/{object value}.html.

    "outline": [{
        "Actions SDK": {
          "Overview": "actionssdk",
          "api/v2": "actionssdk_api_v2"
        "Dialogflow": {
          "Overview": "dialogflow",
          "api/v1": "dialogflow_api_v1",
          "api/v2": "dialogflow_api_v2"


    Not all of the files in the reference documentation may be useful for developers. You can select certain pages to be high priority. These will retain the icon, along with displaying a subtitle and a kind (like class or interface). Items not included will be deprioritized, with smaller text.

    "search": [{
        "name": "dialogflow.DialogflowConversation.data",
        "subtitle": "Persistent data"
      }, {
        "name": "conversation/response.BasicCard",
        "subtitle": "Rich response"
      }, {
        "name": "conversation/response.BasicCardOptions",
        "subtitle": "Rich response"

    Link to source

    You can set up links to your source code under each property in the documentation.

    "source": [{
      "path": "https://github.com/actions-on-google/actions-on-google-nodejs/blob/master/src/",
      "line": "L"

    For a particular file and line, this can take you to a valid GitHub source for the Actions on Google Node.js project.

    Custom resources

    Custom stylesheets and scripts can be bundled in the docs output, placed in the output <head> of each file. They can be added as an array. Each link must be absolute.

    "customStyles": [{
      "path": "/path/to/file.css"
    "customScripts": [{
      "path": "/path/to/file.js"


    This project is based on typedoc-default-themes by Sebastian Lenz.

    Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


    npm i typedoc-neo-theme

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