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Typebox Validation Util

Fast and convenient data validation with typebox in a single line

typebox-validation-util is released under the MIT license. Current npm package version. State of Github Action


When using yarn: yarn add typebox-validation-util @sinclair/typebox@^0.32.31 or when using npm: npm i typebox-validation-util @sinclair/typebox@^0.32.31

Use Case

You want to validate unknown data in one of the fastest and most convenient ways. You are using the excellent typebox library and want to avoid any unnecessary boilerplate.


typebox-validation-util implements convenient defaults for you so you don't have to do extra manual work. This package:

  • Gives you an easy and straight forward way to validate typebox data via the only exported function of this package validateData. 🌟
  • Adds commonly used string formats such as email or ipv4 to validate against. 🛠️
    • These would otherwise have to be added manually, see here for the issue. Check the formats.ts file for what is added.
    • If you want any other formats added, feel free to create an issue and a followup PR.
  • Yields best validation performance. 🚀
    • Fast validation is guaranteed by compiling the schema and validating data only against compiled schemas. The compiled schema is cached so that future validations don't have to repeat the compilation step.
    • To better understand the huge performance differences for compiled schemas, you can check out this benchmark. See '@sinclair/typebox-(just-in-time)' which e.g. is twice as fast as ajv when it comes to loose asertion.
  • Uses typical nodejs error handling by throwing an error if validating the data fails. ✅
    • The Error is a typical nodejs Error. It contains a message and stack with all required details for debugging the error in a readable manner.
    • By default typebox would return ValueError values after you specifically request them by calling a separate function after validating.


import { Type } from "@sinclair/typebox";
import { validateData } from "typebox-validation-util";

const LoginInputSchema = Type.Object({
  name: Type.String({ format: "email" }),
  password: Type.String({ minLength: 8 }),

const demo = () => {
  // this will pass without errors
  const invalidatedData = {
    name: "test@example.org",
    password: "12345678",
  } as unknown;
  const data = validateData(invalidatedData, LoginInputSchema);
  console.log("validated data successfully: ", JSON.stringify(data, null, 2));

  // this will throw an error
  const invalidatedData2 = {
    name: "test@example,org",
    password: "1234567",
  } as unknown;
  const data2 = validateData(invalidatedData2, LoginInputSchema);
  console.log("validated data successfully: ", JSON.stringify(data2, null, 2));

const main = () => {
  try {
    // any application code here
  } catch (e) {
    // centralized error handling here
    if (e instanceof Error) {
      console.log("error message: ", JSON.stringify(e.message, null, 2));
      console.log("error stack: ", JSON.stringify(e.stack, null, 2));


The output of the example program given above is the following:

validated data successfully:  {
  "name": "test@example.org",
  "password": "12345678"

error message:  "schema: {\"format\":\"email\",\"type\":\"string\"} msg: Expected string to match 'email' format path: /name value: \"test@example,org\". schema: {\"minLength\":8,\"type\":\"string\"} msg: Expected string length greater or equal to 8 path: /password value: \"1234567\""
error stack:  "Error: schema: {\"format\":\"email\",\"type\":\"string\"} msg: Expected string to match 'email' format path: /name value: \"test@example,org\". schema: {\"minLength\":8,\"type\":\"string\"} msg: Expected string length greater or equal to 8 path: /password value: \"1234567\"\n    at validateData (/home/xddq/... imagine rest of stack here

For more examples check out the examples folder.


If you have an idea or want to help implement something, feel free to do so. Please always start by creating an issue to avoid any unnecessary work on either side.

Please always create tests for new features that are implemented. This will decrease mental overhead for reviewing and developing in the long run.

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