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    Typeahead Address Picker Build Status

    It's not an extension of typeahead plugin itself, but a new data source for twitter typeahead (version > 0.10.0)

    The AddressPicker is a subclass of a Bloodhound class. It connects suggestions to Google Map AutocompleteService.

    But it's much more than a simple suggestion engine because it can be linked to a google map to display/edit location.

    How to use

    Without a Google Map

    The simplest usage is to use it as suggestion engine, without displaying results on google map.

    1. Include typeahead and google map with places activated
    <script src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?v=3.exp&sensor=false&libraries=places"></script>
    <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.0.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
    <script src="../dist/typeahead.js"></script>
    <script src="../dist/typeahead-addresspicker.js"></script>
    1. Add an input text
    <input id="address" type="text" placeholder="Enter an address">
    1. Instanciate an AddressPicker and a typeahead
    var addressPicker = new AddressPicker();
    $('#address').typeahead(null, {
      displayKey: 'description',
      source: addressPicker.ttAdapter()

    With a Google Map

    For a better user experience, you can connect it to a google map to display results. You just need to add a div as for a google map place holder and connect it to the AddressPicker

    1. As before

    2. Add a div

    <input id="address" type="text" placeholder="Enter an address">
    <div id="map"></div>
    1. Instantiate an AddressPicker with the google map div element or ID and connect typeahead events.
    // instantiate the addressPicker suggestion engine (based on bloodhound)
    var addressPicker = new AddressPicker({
     map: {
      id: '#map'
    // instantiate the typeahead UI
    $('#address').typeahead(null, {
      displayKey: 'description',
      source: addressPicker.ttAdapter()
    // Bind some event to update map on autocomplete selection
    $('#address').bind('typeahead:selected', addressPicker.updateMap);
    $('#address').bind('typeahead:cursorchanged', addressPicker.updateMap);


    When you instantiate a new AddressPicker you can pass a list of options new AddressPicker(options)

    Available Options:

    • map (Hash): Map id and options to link typeahead to a goggle map (default: none).

      • id (String/Element) DOM map element or CSS selector
      • all google.maps.Map constructor options. Default values are:
        zoom: 3,
        center: new google.maps.LatLng(0, 0),
        mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP
    • marker (Hash): Marker options display on the map.

        draggable: true,
        visible: false,
        position: MAP_CENTER
    • autocompleteService (Hash) : options passed to google.maps.places.AutocompleteService#getPlacePredictions (default: {types: ['geocode']}) For more details read Google documentation. You can add a lot of options, like get only address for a country, or get only cities.

      Example To get only cities in United States:

        autocompleteService: {
          types: ['(cities)'], 
          componentRestrictions: { country: 'US' }
    • zoomForLocation (Number): Zoom value when an accurate address is selected (default: 16).

    • reverseGeocoding (Boolean): Reverse geocoding when marker is dragged on map (default: false).

    • placeDetails (Boolean): If not using with a map, you can skip the getDetails portion to speed up the query (default: false).


    Only one event is trigger by AddressPicker object: addresspicker:selected. The event is fired when an address is selected or when the marker is dragged. If reverseGeocoding is activated, a full response is trigger, otherwise only lat/lng.

    To simplify google response parsing, we fire an object of type AddressPickerResult with some accessors:

    • lat()
    • lng()
    • addressTypes()
    • addressComponents()
    • nameForType: (type, shortName = false)

    Listen that event to get values you need and store them in your form. Here is an example:

    // Proxy inputs typeahead events to addressPicker
    // Listen for selected places result
    $(addressPicker).on('addresspicker:selected', function (event, result) {


    The code is tested as much as possible. If you want to add features, please add spec in your pull request.


    A demo is included in the github repository, and is available here: http://sgruhier.github.io/typeahead-addresspicker

    Quick example to show how to use twitter typeahead autocomplete and google map API to make an address picker.

    This example is just a first try and could be enhanced to fully replace my previous address picker: http://xilinus.com/jquery-addresspicker/demos/

    Any suggestions (using issues) or pull requests are welcome.


    • Connect HTML5 geolocalisation API to display user position
    • Anything else that could make sense to be added :). You can open an issue with a label "feature" to open a discussion on a feature/API you'd like to add.


    @copyright Sébastien Gruhier / Xilinus (http://xilinus.com - http://v3.maptimize.com - http://buy.maptmize.com)


    npm i typeahead-addresspicker

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