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Create Realm schema with TypeScript, using classes and decorators!

Basic Usage

The Realm JavaScript docs suggest defining Realm object schema this way:

class Car {
  static schema = {
    name: "Car",
    properties: {
      _id: 'objectId',
      make: "string?",
      model: "string",
      miles: { type: "int", default: 0 },
    primaryKey: '_id',
  get carName() {
    return `${this.make} ${this.model}`;

TypeRealm makes writing Realm Object Schema an enjoyable process, i.e. by defining the schema using only classes and a bit of decorator magic.

So, to create Realm object schema we use a kind of DTO classes. For example, to declare the previous Car type we simply create a class and annotate it with decorators:

import type { ObjectSchema } from 'type-realm';
import { Model, Property } from 'type-realm';

class Car {
  @Property({ type: 'objectId', primaryKey: true })
  _id!: number;

  make?: string;

  model!: string;

  @Property({ type: 'int', default: 0 })
  miles = 0;

  static schema: ObjectSchema;

  get carName() {
    return `${this.make} ${this.model}`;

And we get the corresponding part of the schema :

  properties: {
    _id: 'objectId',
    make: 'string?',
    model: 'string',
    miles: { type: 'int', default: 0 }
  primaryKey: '_id',
  name: 'Car'

We can pass the class itself to the schema property of the Realm.Configuration object when opening a realm. You can then read and write data normally.

const realm = await Realm.open({
  path: "myrealm",
  schema: [Car],
let car1;
realm.write(() => {
  car1 = realm.create("Car", {
    make: "Nissan",
    model: "Sentra",
    miles: 1000,

Advanced Usage

For more advanced usage, checkout the examples in!

Since this library is written in TypeScript, all editors with some form of intellisense should also be able to provide strongly types suggestions for the decorators as well!


The documentation for the Realm React Native SDK can be found at docs.mongodb.com/realm/sdk/react-native/. The documentation for Realm Node.js SDK can be found at docs.mongodb.com/realm/sdk/node.

The API reference is located at docs.mongodb.com/realm-sdks/js/latest/.

More Examples

Coming soon.

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