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    Getting started

    Type-R is the modern JS data framework to manage complex domain and UI application state. Features:

    • It's mapped to JSON by default. The mapping can handle sophisticated scenarios with nested JSON and relations by id, and can be easily customized for every particular attribute or class.
    • All changes are observable, happens in the scope of transactions, and there's the fine-grained change events system.
    • Validation is performed on the first access to the validation error and never happens twice for unchanged data.
    • Everything is typed at run-time and is protected from improper updates. The shape of generated JSON and data classes is guaranteed to match the definitions.
    • It still looks like regular JS classes and is freaking fast. Type-R data structures are about 10 times faster than Backbone models and collections.


    Data layer is defined as a superposition of three kinds of building blocks:

    • Record classes with typed attributes.
    • Ordered collections of records.
    • Stores are records with a set of collections in its attributes used to resolve id-references in JSON.
    • IOEndpoints is an entity encapsulating I/O transport which represent the persistent collection of records.

    Type-R is completely unopinionated on the client-server transport protocol and the view layer technology. It's your perfect M and VM in modern MVVM or MVC architecture.

    import { define, Record } from 'type-r'
    // Define email attribute type with encapsulated validation check.
    const Email = String.has.check( x => x! || x.indexOf( '@' ) >= 0, 'Invalid email' );
    @define class User extends Record {
        static attributes = {
            name  : String.isRequired, // should not be empty for the record to be valid.
            email : Email.isRequired
    @define class Message extends Record {
        static attributes = {
            created : Date //  = new Date()
            author  : User, // aggregated User record.
            to      : User.Collection, // aggregating collection of users
            subject : '',
            body    : ''
    const msg = new Message();
    assert( !msg.isValid() ); // Is not valid because msg.author has empty attributes
    // Listen for the changes in aggregation tree...
    msg.on( 'change', () => console.log( 'change!!!' ) );
    msg.transaction( () => { // Prepare to make the sequence of changes on msg
        msg.author.name = 'John Dee'; // No 'change' event yet as we're in the transaction. 
        msg.author.email = 'dee@void.com'; 
        assert( msg.isValid() ); // Now msg is valid as all of its attributes are valid.
    }); // Got single 'change!!!' message in the console.


    Installation and requirements

    Is packed as UMD and ES6 module. No peer dependencies are required.

    npm install type-r --save-dev

    IE10+, Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox are supported IE9 and Opera may work but has not been tested. IE8 won't work.


    npm i type-r

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