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    txt2bas and bas2txt - tooling for ZX Spectrum NextBASIC

    This code is inspired by the .txt2bas dot command on the ZX Spectrum Next (not that I could read the asm code!).

    This project provides:

    • txt2bas command line tool
    • bas2txt command line tool
    • NextBASIC validation
    • library for BASIC and text manipulation, validation and renumbering


    Node and npm (included with node) are required to install and run the code.

    For the command line tooling - this installs both tools:

    npm install --global txt2bas

    Command line usage

    Command line arguments are the same for both txt2bas and bas2txt:

    txt2bas -i source.txt -o result.bas # generate a 3dos basic file
    bas2txt -i source.bas -o result.txt # generates plain text

    Omitting -o will print to stdout.

    By default the generated file is a +3DOS format unless the output or input filename ends in .tap or using the format option -f tap:

    txt2bas -i source.txt -o result.tap # generates a tap file

    The command line can also read from stdin though this works best on txt2bas and not recommended for bas2txt.

    Note that #autostart directive is also supported.

    Command line options

    • -i FILENAME - input filename
    • -o FILENAME - output filename
    • -t - (txt2bas only) test and validate the NextBASIC source
    • -C - (txt2bas only) strip comments (to reduce final size)
    • -bank - (txt2bas only) generate a BANK loadable result
    • -A #n - (txt2bas only) set autostart line to #n
    • -f 3dos|tap - set the output format
    • -H- omit the file header (either in output or in parsing input)
    • -udg - UDGs are used so encode with binary not utf8
    • -tokens - (txt2bas only) show parser tokens (for debugging)
    • -h - Show help options
    • -v - Show current version

    Library API

    Problematically using the library exposes a number of paired functions:

    • line2bas(String: line): Object<Uint8Array: basic, Number: lineNumber, Array: tokens, Number: length> - the byte data is contained in result.basic
    • bas2line(Uint8Array: data): String - expects to include the line number, line length and the line itself as bytes
    • file2bas(String: source, Object<String=3dos: format, filename=UNTITLED: String, validate=false: Boolean>): Uint8Array - results full byte array with correct format header, if validate is true, will throw on token errors
    • bas2file(Uint8Array: source, String=3dos: format): String - formatted BASIC text
    • formatText(String: line): String - processes the line through line2bas then bas2line to result the formatted line
    • validateTxt(String: source): Arrary[String] - parses each line collecting and returning any token errors
    • plus3DOSHeader and tapHeader - file headers for the appropriate data formats
    • codes an object lookup from NextBASIC numerical value to text value, ie. 0xf5 = 'PRINT'
    • statements(String: source): Array[Statement] - returns the parsed statement which include lineNumber and tokens for each line.
    • renumber(String: source, Object<start: Number, end: Number, step=10: Number, base=start: Number>) - renumbers source lines and GO TO line number targets.



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