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Looking to shorten a URL like Or see what's behind a mysterious Look no further! Twzer is a URL shortening and expanding tool accessible right from the command-line.


If you don't have yarn installed, enter:

npm install -g yarn

If you're ahead of the curve, enter the following to make twzer global:

  yarn global add twzer

Or if you prefer npm:

  npm install --global twzer


Twzer gives you two commands: shorten a link or expand a shortened link. Along with each command are two options: use Bitly or Google as the client.


Shorten a link using Bitly with --bitly or -b:

  twzer sh -b

Expand a link using Google with --google or -g:

  twzer ex -g

If you need help, just run with --help or -h:

  twzer --help


Run yarn test or npm test.


Check CHANGELOG for all updates.

What the twzer?

Twzer is pronounced as 'twiz-er'. Like Twizzler, but without the 'L'.

Why the funky name?

This project was originally called tweezer, but an npm package already existed with that name. I tried ๐Ÿ˜….


Suggestions, bug reports and pull requests are encouraged for those who would like to take part in improving this tool.


MIT license - see LICENSE for details.