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Taskwarrior UI - a responsive web interface to taskwarrior written with Node.js.

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npm install -g twui


To start simply type twui and navigate to localhost:2718.

If you want twui to run as a background process use the following:

twui &>/dev/null &


Task Summary

task summary ui

The task summary contains six indicators for the following attributes of a task.

  • Description - the majority of text displayed ("explain the task warrior list status indicators")
  • Project - the text displayed in thin caps below the description ("TWUI")
  • Tags - text prefixed with a 'tag' image ("documentation")
  • Due Date - if the task has a due date 'hands' will appear in the circle to the left of the description (like a clock)
  • Annotations - if the task has annotations a '+' will occur to the right of the description
  • Priority - indicated by color
    • grey - no priority
    • blue - low priority
    • green - medium priority
    • red - high priority


Setting up the development environment

  1. Install node
  2. Clone the repo git clone
  3. Move to directory cd twui
  4. Download dependencies (angular.js) make deploy
  5. Download and install node module dependencies locally npm install
  6. Start server bin/twui

Updating to most recent version

  1. Download latest changes git pull origin master
  2. Start server bin/twui

Common Issues

No such file or directory

/usr/bin/env: node: No such file or directory

This error occurs when the node executable is not in your PATH. Some linux distributions decided to install the node executable as nodejs instead of node. The simple solution is to create a symlink ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node. But for those afraid of the file system a package is available to perform the same action - apt-get install nodejs-legacy.


This software - © Casey Robinson 2014 - is released under the MIT license. You can find a copy in LICENSE.txt or at