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Welcome Birdies ;-)

twoBirds is GETTING A MAJOR OVERHAUL currently! Basically, in addition to cleaning up the system, we add a declarative syntax to the system.

  • refactoring: all outdated functionality will be thrown out (and that is a lot). I expect the clientside runtime size to go under 20kb.
  • NEW: tB goes typeScript! To to test progress checkout branch typescript, then use serve dist/test-ts.html and fiddle with it in the debugger. Check code located in dist/tb/ts/tb.js ( for source: src/tbSource/tb.ts ). Most core functionality is already in.
  • I expect the beta to be ready after christmas 2022, and the test page to be ready 01-01-2023


  • typeScript & refactoring ~70% done. Missing utility methods: .store(), .values(), .parse() and some smaller functionality thats simply typing work.
  • new tB functionality consists of only 5 functions, and only 2 classes you need to know the methods of.

twoBirds is a ...

  • lightweight,
  • web component based,
  • event-driven / loosely coupled,
  • vanilla

... javascript library that maps class instances to DOM nodes.

twoBirds is as easy as jQuery, but on application level.

twoBirds uses only vanilla Javascript plus some conventions and utilities. There is no need to learn any abstraction layers that declarative frameworks like angular, react or svelte use. tB application development is pure class-based javescript coding, and it is build-free while developing.


twoBirds strictly follows the KISS and DRY doctrines.

The tB core can be seen as an intermediate step between a simple wrapper/helper library like jQuery and a fully fledged JS framework.

Like the first, it has selectors for the DOM and reasonable modification methods.

Like the latter, it incorporates a higher level abstraction scheme for application objects.

tB is JS-linted, Jasmine tested and this package contains the complete API documentation. Technically it is the minimum possible toolkit to create an application.

OUTDATED, only for historical reasons until this is replaced

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