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Twitter Scrape Account Stats

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A tool for scraping public data from Twitter, without needing to get permission from Twitter. It scrapes the following fields:

  • description
  • followers
  • following
  • isVerified
  • name
  • posts
  • userId
  • username

See lib/response.schema.json for further details.



The CLI operates entirely over STDOUT, and will output the account stats as JSON.

$ twitter-scrape-account-stats -u slang800
{"description":"","followers":97,"following":102,"isVerified":false,"name":"Sean Lang","userId":"1343446141","username":"slang800","posts":65}

JavaScript Module

The following example is in CoffeeScript.

{getAccountStats} = require 'twitter-scrape-account-stats'
getAccountStats(username: 'slang800').then((account) ->
  console.log "#{account.username} has #{account.followers} followers."

The following example is the same as the last one, but in JavaScript.

var getAccountStats = require('twitter-scrape-account-stats').getAccountStats;
getAccountStats({username: 'slang800'}).then(function(account) {
  console.log(account.username + " has " + account.followers + " followers.");


Twitter doesn't provide an open, structured, and machine readable API, so, we're forced to scrape their user-facing site.


  • This is probably against the Twitter TOS, so don't use it if that sort of thing worries you.
  • Whenever Twitter updates certain parts of their front-end this scraper will need to be updated to support the new API.
  • You can't scrape protected accounts (cause it's not public duh).