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Twitter Request Queue (node)

Smart request queue for Twitter rate-limiting

Implements a queue for twitter requests that will automatically wait until the appropriate time if a rate limit is hit.

Queue is processed in FIFO order, with rate-limited endpoint requests being deferred, and non-limiited requests being processed.


npm install twitter-request-queue-node


This currently extends the NPM Twitter package, and takes the same constructor, .get, and .post methods

const TwitterRequestQueue = require( "twitter-request-queue-node" );
// App Auth
const queue = new TwitterRequestQueue({
    consumer_key: "key",
    consumer_secret: "secret",
    bearer_token: "bearer_token",
// User Auth
const queue = new TwitterRequestQueue({
    consumer_key: "key",
    consumer_secret: "secret",
    access_token_key: "user_key",
    access_token_secret: "user_secret",
// queue request
queue.get( "help/privacy", null, ( error, data ) => {
    if ( error )
        return console.log( error );
    console.log( data );