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Twitter Assistant

A CLI tool for scheduling tweets for Twitter. A background process checks a local JSON file for scheduled Tweets according to a set interval


  • Schedule Tweets by date and time
  • Configure scheduler interval on configuration setup ()
  • View Tweets (Scheduled and Published)
  • Stop running Twitter scheduler background process


  • Clone the repo git clone
  • cd twitter-assistant && npm install -g


You'll need to set up a Twitter app and get your consumer key and secret as well as your access token and secret. You can create an app here

Once you have your keys and secrets run tweet config and follow the prompts.


    # Commands
    tweet config    # Configure the app
    tweet add       # Schedule a tweet
    tweet show      # Display scheduled and published tweets
    tweet start     # Start the Twitter scheduler background process
    tweet stop      # Stop the Twitter scheduler background process


  • Add command to reset or edit the configuration settings
  • Add multiple Twitter accounts
  • Add command to delete scheduled Tweets
  • Upload media for Tweets


Any bugs please create a new issue here