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Get a list of Twitter users who have unfollowed you.

ryan@ryan-server:~/repos/twitdiff$ ./bin/twitdiff.js
Checking to see who has unfollowed: richardbranson
Unfollowed by: Emma Louise Hudson (Emmie92)
Unfollowed by: Rikkeb (Rikkeb)
Unfollowed by: Mpho Motaung (Mphorable_)
Unfollowed by: Kylie (Pemberley72)
Unfollowed by: Michael Magarinos (MikeMagarinos)

The first invokation of this script simply creates a cache file for subsequent checks. It will always report that nobody has unfollowed you during this initial check.

To use this script, clone the repo and install the dependencies using npm install. Modify bin/twitdiff.js to include the Twitter handle that you wish to check.

This script does not authenticate or authorize using OAuth. This script simply uses public API endpoints and makes two requests during a single invokation.