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    Little helper class for the new Twitch API described in current Twitch API docs.
    Transpiled and minified with Babel.

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    Yarn (recommended)

    yarn add twitch-helix


    npm install --save twitch-helix

    Library Usage


    Import the default class from this package and feed its constructor with a client ID and a client secret. You can generate those in your Twitch Developers Dashboard.
    Try it out on RunKit!

    import TwitchHelix from "twitch-helix"
    // Or: const TwitchHelix = require("twitch-helix")
    const twitchApi = new TwitchHelix({
        clientId: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        clientSecret: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
    twitchApi.getTwitchUserByName("nightbot").then(twitchUser => {
        console.log(twitchUser.display_name) // Prints "Nightbot"


    TwitchHelix is a class and you need to create an instance with:

    const twitchApi = new TwitchHelix(options)

    The options parameter is an object and can have following fields:

    Field Info Default value
    clientId Client ID of your Twitch app 🚫 (required)
    clientSecret Client secret of your Twitch app 🚫 (required)
    prematureExpirationTime Time in ms for the access token to expire before it is meant to (Not implemented yet) 10000
    autoAuthorize Will call automatically call authorize() when needed true
    smartRetry Will retry Twitch API requests up to 10 times if the server response is invalid true

    Implemented queries

    Some of the common queries are wrapped into neat functions. Those are:

    Promise Name Parameters Return Value Further info
    Yes getTwitchUserById string id Twitch user info object
    Yes getTwitchUserByName string username Twitch user info object
    Yes getTwitchUsersByName Array usernames Array of Twitch user info objects
    Yes getStreamInfoById string id Twitch stream object if user is currently streaming or null otherwise
    Yes getStreamInfoByUsername string username Twitch stream object if user is currently streaming or null otherwise
    Yes getFollowDate string streamerId, string followerId Date if follower follows streamer or null otherwise

    Custom queries

    You may need custom queries for retrieving data that is not wrapped into a function yet. Feel free to do so. Some API endpoints are still not implemented by Twitch in Helix API, so you can also use Kraken v5 API.

    const helixQueryData = await twitchApi.sendHelixRequest("users?login=nightbot&login=moobot")
    const krakenQueryData = await twitchApi.sendApiRequest("users?login=nightbot,moobot", {api: "kraken"})


    You can listen to some events.

    twitchApi.on(eventName, eventHandler)
    Event name Parameters Description
    log-info message Emitted on INFO log messages
    log-warn message Emitted on WARN log messages
    log-error message Emitted on ERROR log messages

    Command Line Usage

    Here is an example:

    node_modules/.bin/twitch-helix --client-id xxx --client-secret xxx "users?login=nightbot"

    This will print: Command Line Output

    Use the --kraken flag to query data from a Kraken endpoint instead of a Helix endpoint.




    npm i twitch-helix

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