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twitch-chat-bot 0.4.1

a highly customizable base Twitch chat bot to build on

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npm install twitch-chat-bot

const {
} = require("twitch-chat-bot");

function main()
	let myBot = new TwitchChatBot({
		credentials: {
			username: "bot_username",
			oauth: "oauth_string",
			channel: "twitch_channel",

	myBot.on("ready", ready);

function ready()
	this.sendMessage("is online", { action: true });


See: Getting Started


  • Easy to get started.
  • Many, many aspects of bot operation can be controlled at a very low level
  • Event-driven operation allows a high level of customization
  • i18n compliant (English & German translations available)

Command Center

  • Add new chat commands by passing parameters
  • Built-in, customizable chat cooldown with global and individual settings
  • Commands are versatile and support aliases, shortcuts, plain text commands, and complex function-driven commands
  • Commands can be added directly inside modules
  • Built-in safe moderation helper
  • Moderation helper can be customized to notify moderators of abuse (eg. spamming commands) or instructed to perform timeouts/bans without human approval
  • Several commands built in to internal modules, pre-loaded
  • Abilty to enable and disable any command programmatically, through chat commands, and manually, through the options object
  • Override permissions for internal "default" commands


  • Built-in !helpfile command that documents all commands, both internal and custom and produces documents for every permission level. Documents formatted for Discord Markdown.

Block List

  • prevent users from accessing commands permanently
  • prevent bots from cross-talking and/or participating in chat games

Message Queue

  • Uses configurable limits for how quickly the bot can message chat.
  • Manual override built-in to messaging system to allow exceptions.
  • Messaging includes many configurable options include action messages, announcements, callbacks for after the message has beent sent, and skipping the message queue, entirely.


  • Tracks live status of your stream, according to settings and/or chat commands.
  • Fires an event that modules and direct code can monitor and react to.
  • Supports custom events that are fired by the implementation, programmatically

User Tracker

  • Tracks how often users send chat messages
  • Tracks active/inactive users based on customizable cooldowns (last typed in chat)
  • Provides a service to pick random users from either the active pool or all users that have participated in chat

Loyalty Points/Chat Currency

  • Currently support StreamElements, to allow custom games to award loyalty points for chat activities, games, etc.
  • Looking to add support for both StreamLabs and custom, internal currency systems


  • Built-in support for both MySQL and JSON file-based databases
  • Tracks streams live status, detects and reacts to crashes and prevents the bot from "starting over" if timers are in use

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