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Twiser - Twitter API via Selenium

This library provides access to twitter (post/stream/update account/etc) functionality via real browser driven by Selenium Webdriver. API built on top of WebdriverIO library.


   npm install twiser --save


Annotated source code

Sample usage:

   var Client = require('twiser');

   var client = new Client({
     username: 'joe',
     password: 'passx123'

             .url(''); {

Running tests

Currently tests are simple scripts using library, not formal Mocha tests yet. To run these you will need to provide twitter username and password via environment variables TWITTER_USERNAME and TWITTER_PASSWORD.

Basic test:

   DEBUG=* TWITTER_USERNAME=johndoe TWITTER_PASSWORD=password1 node test/basic.js

Streaming test:

   DEBUG=* TWITTER_USERNAME=johndoe TWITTER_PASSWORD=password1 node test/streaming.js

Selenium webdriver

For operation selenium webdriver need to be running, this library does not handle this for you. Easiest way to try it - download precompiled Selenium Server Standalone and run in separate terminal window:

   java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.43.1.jar

There are ways to make it work inside docker container, as soon as I figure that out, I will add documentation for it :)