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    This package is a forked version of codesleuth's original split-sms. This version was made to accommodate Twilio's smart encoded charset.

    Codesleuth's original documentation:

    An SMS message splitter with support for both GSM and Unicode written in JavaScript. GSM support is limited to GSM 03.38 with the extension table (see the Wikipedia article); no support for natural language shift tables exists at this time.

    View the demo...

    Getting Started

    1. Install via npm: npm install split-sms
    2. Include in your project: var splitter = require('split-sms');
    3. Start splitting messages! var info = splitter.split('JavaScript is fun!');

    In the example above, info will be:

      "characterSet": "GSM",
      "parts": [
          "content": "JavaScript is fun!",
          "length": 18,
          "bytes": 18
      "bytes": 18,
      "length": 18,
      "remainingInPart": 142

    Unicode example:

    splitter.split('Snowman shows off! ☃');
      "characterSet": "Unicode",
      "parts": [
          "content": "Snowman shows off! ☃",
          "length": 20,
          "bytes": 40
      "bytes": 40,
      "length": 20,
      "remainingInPart": 50

    In The Browser

    You can use Bower to install split-sms components:

    $ bower install split-sms --save

    You can also use RawGit to link directly to specific versions of the built scripts. For example, the following URLs are for version 0.1.7:

    Type URL
    RawGit dev
    RawGit CDN

    Alternatively, pull out the scripts in the dist/ directory and consume them.

    To generate a browser consumable script yourself, clone the repo and run the following commands:

    $ npm install
    $ npm run build

    This will generate the browser-compatible scripts in dist/ and export splitter to the global so you can then consume it in the browser as follows:

      <script src="split-sms.js"></script> 
      var info = window.splitter.split('Hello!');

    See the demo site for an example.


    npm i twilio-split-sms

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