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Twilio Party

Use Twilio to authenticate and generate a PIN to verify.


var TwilioParty = require('twilio-party');

var sid = <your twilio sid>;
var authToken = <your twilio token>;
var phoneNumber = <your twilio number>;
var phoneSalt = <a random string>;

var phone = '5555555'; // a phone number you are trying to authenticate

var tp = new TwilioParty(sid, authToken, phoneNumber, phoneSalt);

// optional messaging that prepends the PIN when it is sent to a phone
// e.g. This is your PIN: 1111
tp.message = 'This is your PIN:';

// Add the number - this will generate a PIN and send it as a text.
tp.addNumber(phone, function(err, number) {
  // At this point the `phone` number will receive a pin. Enter that pin in the
  // call below. For example purposes, let's assume pin = 0000.
  // `number` will contain the phone number in a consistent format, e.g. +155555555.
  var formattedPhone = number;
  var validate = tp.validatePin(formattedPhone, '0000');

  // `validate` will return either the phone hash or false - if it returns a
  // hash, you can store that as an identifier in your database.


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