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    Twig Components

    An experimental repository to use Twig templates in Web Components.

    This project provides a base web component that others can extend, and specifications for what distributed Twig components should look like.

    Beyond being useful to users already using something like Twig.js , using Twig templates opens the door to server side rendering without Javascript. This is critical for progressive enhancement, SEO, and accessibility.

    If you're using PHP and want to try out server side rendering, check out twig-components-ssr.


    npm install --save-dev twig-components

    Extending the base component

    The base component in twig-base.js can be extended minimally by implementing the observedAttributes and getTemplate methods:

    import TwigBase from 'twig-components/twig-base';
    class MyComponent extends TwigBase {
      static get observedAttributes() {
        return ['name'];
      getTemplate() {
        return 'Hello {{ name }}!';
    customElements.define('my-component', MyComponent);

    Then, when <my-component name="World"></my-component> is placed on a page, the template will be compiled and rendered with the current attributes.

    You can read the Wiki page on this topic for more detailed information.

    Creating a component library with Webpack

    While extending the base component in the above example seems easy, getting it working in production has a few hard problems:

    • Distributing one JS file for multiple components
    • Supporting older browsers
    • Bundling Web Component polyfills
    • Splitting up assets into distinct files (ex: .js, .twig, and .scss)
    • Building a templates.json file

    To ease some of this pain, a Yeoman generator is available to quickly spin up a new component library, which has a complex Webpack configuration that does all of this out of the box. See generator-twig-components-webpack for more details.

    Example project

    An example project with some useful Twig Components is maintained at twig-components-example. If you want to view a live demo of the example project, click here.

    The project was built using Yeoman, please check it out!

    Distribution specification

    To help keep various distribution and bundling methods consistent, a specification is maintained in

    Running tests

    Tests for the base class are written with the web-component-tester package.

    To run tests:

    1. Ensure that Java is available in your PATH
    2. Run npm install -g bower rollup web-component-tester
    3. Run npm run test


    • Create base custom element
    • Import SCSS/Twig from a file during build
    • Create a Yeoman generator for new components
    • Figure out what production packaging looks like
    • Write unit test coverage for the base class
    • Implment server-side-rendering with PHP Twig
    • Write a ton of docs


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