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Tweet app is a small Twitter client only for tweeting on Twitter, but never shows a tweets timeline. It's built on Twitter Lite and Electron.

  • Tweet form is the same as mobile official client (accurate characters count, emoji picker, pictures/movies upload, poll, ...)
  • After posting a tweet, it goes back to the tweet form again. Timeline never shows up in this app
  • Replying to a previously posted tweet is supported
  • Multi-account support
  • Terminal is first class. A tweet command is provided to access to the app
  • Customizable. Keyboard shortcuts and lifecycle of the application can be configured
  • macOS, Linux and Windows are supported (confirmed with macOS 10.12, Ubuntu 18.04, Windows 10)


  • New tweet
  • Reply to previously posted tweet

The Problem

While using Twitter, it promotes seeing a tweets timeline. Twitter shows timeline after posting a tweet. But I want to control the timing to see timeline since it's time consuming especially when I'm working on something (e.g. coding, debugging, ...).

By separating posting a tweet from seeing timeline, it stops you 'escaping' into a timeline (and consuming time to see it) and makes you back to your work when posting a tweet. I'm also thinking that reducing times to see a timeline and actively determine the timing to see it are effective to avoid SNS addiction.

To achieve the separation, this app only provides the functionality to post tweets.


Install App

From release page

Installers for each platforms are ready at releases page. Please download it for your platform and double click it to install.

  • macOS: Tweet-x.y.z.dmg or Tweet-0.2.0-mac.zip
  • Linux: Tweet x.y.z.AppImage (in AppImage format) or tweet-app_x.y.z_amd64.deb
  • Windows: Tweet Setup.x.y.z.exe (as NSIS installer)

Note: On macOS, trying to install app may be rejected by OS at first time since this app is not signed with code signing. In the case, please install from it 'Preferences -> Security'.

With homebrew-cask

If you're macOS user and using homebrew-cask, this app can be installed via it. Please tap the repository URL and install this app via brew cask as follows.

brew tap rhysd/tweet-app https://github.com/rhysd/tweet-app
brew cask install tweet

It's easiest way to install and manage this app on macOS.

With npm package manager

npm install -g tweet-app

electron package is a peer-dependency so it is not installed automatically. If you have not installed the package yet. Please install it additionally.

npm install -g electron

CLI Setup

This app can be accessed from command line. As optional, this section describes how to setup it.

Using installed app

When you have installed this app via homebrew-cask, you need to do nothing here. tweet command was already setup at /usr/local/bin (it requires node).

If you have installed the app from release page, tweet command can be setup as a symbolic link. Please make a symbolic link to app/bin/cli.js in resources directory.

For example, on macOS:

ln -s /path/to/Tweet.app/Contents/Resources/app/bin/cli.js /usr/local/bin/tweet

It requires node executable to run the cli.js script with this configuration.

Note: Please do not move cli.js to other directory since it locates Electron binary depending on its file path. Otherwise, you need to pass --electron-path option.

Even if you don't want to install node executable, it's ok since Electron app executable can run as node executable as well. Please set $ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE environment variable.

tweet command can be setup as an alias of shell or small ShellScript (on Linux or macOS) or batch (on Windows) which sets the environment variable and run the script by forwarding all commandline options.

For example, on macOS:

alias tweet='ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE=true /Applications/Tweet.app/Contents/MacOS/Tweet /Applications/Tweet.app/Contents/Resources/app/bin/cli.js'

With npm

If you installed this app via npm by installing tweet-app and electron package, everything has been done. npm should put tweet command in $PATH directory.

If you have installed the app from release page, installing only tweet-app package should work as follows.

Install it via npm.

npm install -g tweet-app

And set the installed app's executable path to $TWEET_APP_ELECTRON_EXECUTABLE environment variable or pass it to --electron-path option.

For example (on macOS):

export TWEET_APP_ELECTRON_EXECUTABLE=/Applications/Tweet.app/Contents/MacOS/Tweet
# or 
alias tweet='tweet --electron-path=/Applications/Tweet.app/Contents/MacOS/Tweet'


Basic Usage

When starting app at first, You'll see login page. It's actually https://mobile.twitter.com/login so please enter your login information. Then the page will be redirected to tweet form.

Note: Please consider to create a configuration file config.json to enable some functionality. Since Twitter Lite does not expose a screen name in DOM, setting it to default_account is necessary to notify this app your screen name. Please see 'Customization' section for the detail.

The tweet form is exactly the same as the input form of https://mobile.twitter.com/compose/tweet. All functionalities like accurate characters count, picture/movie upload, emoji picker, poll are available. Clicking '+' chains additional tweets.

Menu items are in menu bar on macOS, and in a window tool bar on Windows and Linux. By default, the window hides a tool bar on Windows and Linux. To reveal it, please type Alt.

By clicking 'Tweet' (or 'Tweet All') button, it sends your tweet(s) to Twitter. And it returns to 'New Tweet' input form again instead of showing a timeline.

This app uses accessibility label in some features. For example it finds out an element for 'Tweet' button based on the label and only English and Japanese are supported for now. If you find your language is not supported, please create an issue to request a support.

Reply to Previous Tweet

After posting a tweet, you may want to chain a new tweet by replying to the previous tweet. This app remembers the previous tweet on memory. Selecting 'Reply to Previous Tweet' in 'Edit' menu shows an input form to reply to your previous tweet.

Command Usage in Terminal

Usage: tweet [options] [text]

Desktop application for tweeting. Timeline never shows up.

  -V, --version              output the version number
  -t --hashtags <list>       comma-separated list of hashtags (e.g. "js,react,node")
  -a --after-tweet <action>  what to do after posting tweet. One of 'new tweet', 'reply previous', 'close', 'quit'
  --no-detach                do not detach process from shell
  -r --reply                 reply to tweet sent previously. This option is only effective when app is already running
  --electron-path <path>     file path to Electron executable to run app
  -h, --help                 output usage information

The command tweet opens GUI window and a tweet form. When running the command,

  • if this app is not running yet, it starts GUI app
  • if this app is running in background, it reopens a window
  • if this app is running, it gives focus on application's window

In any case of above, the command line options passed to tweet are reflected.

Run This App as Background App

By setting quit_on_close to false in configuration, app does not quit even if you close the window. It remains as 'background app' in system. When app is started again next time by clicking application icon in launcher or dock, the background app is activated and it shows a window again.

To stop the application, please choose 'Quit' from menu item or context menu at dock.

For configuration, please see 'Customization' section for more detail. For performance of the background app, please see 'Performance' section as well.


This app supports configuring multiple accounts. By setting additional accounts to other_accounts in configuration, you can switch accounts from 'Accounts' menu. When switching accounts, the window is created again to switch login session. For configuration, please read following 'Customization' section.

Context Menu

Thanks to electron-context-menu, it supports basic context menu on right click.

In addition, 'Unlink auto links' item appears when showing context menu after selecting text in tweet form. It removes auto links in selected text by inserting zero-width space.

Touch Bar Support

For recent MacBook Pro, this app supports a touch bar.


Behavior of this app can be configured with JSON configuration file. The configuration file and all values in it are optional. default_account is recommended to be set since some features of this app is depending on it.

Configuration File

Please put a JSON file named config.json at application's data directory.

  • ~/Library/Application Support/Tweet/config.json on macOS
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Tweet/config.json or ~/.config/Tweet/config.json on Linux
  • %APPDATA%\Tweet\config.json on Windows

default_account (String)

Screen name (@name) used by default. @ can be omitted. If this value is not set, some features of this app are unavailable. Especially 'Reply to Previous Tweet' feature is not available. This app extracts your last tweet from timeline drawn after posting a new tweet, but it requires your screen name. Twitter Lite does not expose a screen name in DOM, so this app needs to know it from configuration.

I recommend to set this value.

other_accounts (Array<String>)

An array of screen names. These accounts can be switched from 'Accounts' menu.

keymaps (Object<String | Null>)

Object of key shortcut mappings. Key string is a label of menu item. Value is string representing key combination as Electron's accelerator or null. For example, "Click Tweet Button": "CmdOrCtrl+Shift+Enter" changes keyboard shortcut for clicking tweet button from keyboard to Cmd + Shift + Enter. When null is set, key shortcut is cleared for the menu item.

after_tweet (String)

What this app should do after posting a tweet as string value. Possible values are as follows:

  • "new tweet": Back to 'New Tweet' page.
  • "reply previous": Back to 'Reply to Previous Tweet' page. It's useful when you often chain your tweets.
  • "close": Close and unfocus the app but not quit. This is the same as "quit" when quit_on_close is set to true. It's useful when you want to back to your work after posting a new tweet.
  • "quit": Quit the app.

Default behavior is "new tweet".

hotkey (String)

Hot key shortcut as string. Format is the same as keymaps values (Electron's accelerator).

The key shortcut is global to toggle window of this app. It enables to access to this app from anywhere with one key shortcut. Please be careful to define this key shortcut since it overwrites existing key shortcut.

By default no hot key is defined.

quit_on_close (Boolean)

When true, this app quits after closing a window. This is a default behavior on Linux and Windows.

When false, this app does not quit. It means that main process does not die, but renderer process ends when closing the window. It means that this app goes to background apps after closing a window. Please read 'Performance' about background app performance. This is a default behavior on macOS.

window (Object<Any>)

window is an object containing configuration for window properties. Each properties are described as follows.

  • window.width (Number): Width of window in pixels. Default value is 600.
  • window.height (Number): Height of window in pixels. Default value is 600.
  • window.zoom (Number): Zoom factor of font size in float number. 1.0 means 100%.
  • window.auto_hide_menu_bar (Boolean): This config value is effective only on Linux or Windows. Default value is true. When this value is set to true, a tool bar menu in window is hidden automatically. Typing Alt reveals the menu temporarily. When this value is set to false, a tool bar menu is always shown in window.
  • window.visible_on_all_workspaces (Boolean): If this value is set to true, the application window appears in every workspace rather than sticking the workspace the window was opened at first. Default value is false.

Configuration Example

Here is my own configuration:

  "default_account": "@Linda_pp",
  "keymaps": {
    "Click Tweet Button": "CmdOrCtrl+Shift+Enter"
  "after_tweet": "close",
  "window": {
    "width": 450,
    "height": 420,
    "zoom": 0.8


How can I enable dark mode?

  1. Choose 'Toggle Developer Tools' from 'View' menu
  2. Move to 'console' tab in DevTools
  3. Enter JavaScript location.href = 'https://mobile.twitter.com'
  4. Click your icon at top left of the window to open account menu
  5. Click toggle switch of dark mode
  6. Close DevTools and click 'New Tweet' from 'Edit' menu to back

How can I delete a tweet previously posted?

  1. Click 'Open Previous Tweet' item in 'Edit' menu
  2. Find a dropdown menu at top right
  3. Click 'Delete' item in the dropdown menu
  4. After deleting the tweet, automatically redirect to 'New Tweet' page


While a window is closed, renderer process is shutdown and there are only main process and GPU process. Total memory footprint is around 70MB and CPU usage is 0.0%. When opening a window, a renderer process is created. Memory usage and CPU usage of the renderer process are depending on rendered contents https://mobile.twitter.com .


This app loads mobile.twitter.com in a browser window directly with

  • enabling context isolation
  • disabling node integration
  • disabling <webview> tag
  • enabling sandbox

Regarding to permissions, only media and geolocation permissions are permitted in the browser window. When mobile.twitter.com requests these permissions, the main process will open a confirmation dialog to ask user if it is allowed. Other permission requests are rejected by default.


If you're facing some bug or having any feature request, please report it from Issues page. Pull requests are more than welcome.


tweet-tray is a nice application created with the same motivation as this app. However it does not support chaining tweets by replying to previous tweet and some functionality such as emoji picker.


Distributed under the MIT License.

Some icon was provided by feather icons (Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Cole Bemis).


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