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TwTube is a Video.js widget plugin together with some associated player skin plugins, all for TiddlyWiki 5.

In addition, the TwTube plugin comes with an enhanced TiddlyWiki media(!) server for use on Node.js. This "media TiddlyWiki server" is intended to be used during development of a TiddyWiki using especially video media, but not for production use. For production, deploy the release TiddlyWiki HTML file on your web (media) production server, such as a document sharing point.

The following (TiddlyWiki) plugins are available:

  • TwTube: the basic video player plugin.
    • Includes the Pesistent Volume player plugin which stores your volume and mute settings in your browser for "a better user experience". (How many times did we hear that ... and were reminded of that famous Sledge Hammer bonmot: "Trust me, I know what I'm doing"?)
    • Please note that this plugin also includes media server extension to be used when developing -- but don't be afraid, as this is but a 9kB Javascript module, so it isn't really overhead and truely worth the much easier (plugin) handling.
  • (optional) YouTube-inspired player skin plugin.
  • (optional) Sublime-inspired player skin plugin.
  • (optional) iPlayer-inspired player skin plugin.
  • (optional) Hotkeys player plugin.

You can install multiple additional player skin plugins simultaneously. There's a new Control Panel tab "Media Player Skins" which shows the currently installed Video.js skin plugins from which you can choose. Of course, there's always the Default Skin.

Live Demo

Visit our TiddlyWiki Video.js live demo.


To install, simply run:

$ git clone
cd TwTube
$ npm install

Done; this clones the TwTube GitHub repository, and then installs the required dependencies into your local copy. Sweet'n'simple.


Live Demo and Development

Start the TwTube development TiddlyWiki server:

$ npm start

Visit http://localhost:8080

Watch the demo, read the documentation included in the demo TiddylWiki, and muck around with the code and tiddlers to your likings.

To stop the server:

$ npm stop

Alternatively, you can simply run the develop script and stop the server then using Ctrl-C:

$ npm run develop

Generate Release Files

To generate release files:

$ npm run release

The actual release files to generate are wired up in the ./editions/release/ configuration file. When you look at it, you'll notice several sections:

  • currently four sections starting with --packplugin commands that package the contents of a plugin into its plugin tiddler, and then using --rendertemplatedtiddler render the plugin into a .tid file for easy drag-and-drop installation.

  • The final --rendertiddler command then generates the demonstration wiki HTML file that also includes the final plugins, but not the individual plugin source tiddlers anymore. So this can be used to test that the plugins work as expected in a user's TiddlyWiki.

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