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Twitter Profile Finder

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Find profile you might be interested from Twitter.


A little background

I love Twitter and I want to find awesome people on Twitter. I can check every single profile, one by one, click over clicks. Yes, it is so hard to do and I'm lazy on this.

I made this tool from two assumptions at that time. Firstly, awesome people know awesome people. If I can pick one, probably they follow others. Secondly, I can find people based on servral metrics which Twitter provides such as followers numbers, liked twit count, how many time they twitted.

This tool allows that find someone filtered by own function and chase trees of the following. Also, you can pin a person as a entry point of search. Hope you find something useful from this tool. ✨

What you can get

The tool generates two files as a result.

  • ./reports/<USERNAME>/profiles.html: Generated report using HTML.
  • ./reports/<USERNAME>/profiles.json: You can play with the data if you like this way.

What you need

Getting Started

Install this app via npm.

npm install -g tw-profile-finder

Create config file and update the finder.config.js file first.

twprofile init

Find the profiles.

twprofile find <username>


See finder.config.example.js.


Contributing is AWESOME! This is a toy project so may you can see some jokey messages or code structure. Please let me know using awesome Github's issue tracker if you find any issue or idea may we can put into this tool.