A wrapper for thetvdb.coms XML API Node library Version 0.0.5-dev

It's a wrapper for thetvdbs XML API, written in JavaScript for node. You won't be in contact with any XML if you use this library.

The library isn't finished yet. I'll update this README as I get along so you'll know what to expect.

You can check out thetvdbs programmers API to know what this library will be wrapping.

This project uses semantic versioning and uses this tag script to tag the versions.

I use the great mocha testing framework with the (also great) should assertion library for testing.
If you contribute to this project, please write a test, and make sure all existing tests pass.

First off, get an API key from thetvdb. Withouth an API key you won't be able to do anything with this library.

var TheTVDB = require("thetvdb")
  , thetvdb = new TheTVDB({ apiKey: "YOUR_KEY" });

Possible configuration options are:

  • apiKey {String}
  • initialHost {String} (optional) Default:
  • port {Number} (optional) Default: 80
thetvdb.getMirrors(function(err, mirrors) {

  // err is set when either the http call to thetvdb didn't work, or the
  // XML couldn't be parsed.
  if (err) return;

  // Handle mirrors.

Mirrors is an Array containing objects that are formatted like this:

{ id: "1", url: "", types: [ "xml", "banner", "zip" ] }

types contains at least one of "xml", "banner" and "zip".