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Turtle 3D

In Turtle Graphics, rather than a coordinate system we have a pen which follows a set of rules without any regard to it's current position or orientation.

Forward, turn right, forward, turn left, about face, forward.


    var turtle = require('turtle3d');
    var coords = turtle("^<XF^<XFX-F^>>XFX&F+>>XFX-F>X->", 90 * (Math.PI / 180));

Typically there is a strong connection between using L-system or Lindenmayer system and turtle graphics in either 2 or 3 dimensions.

    var fractal = require('lsys');
    var lsystem = fractal("L", {
        "L": "L+R++R-L--LL-R+", 
        "R": "-L+RR++R+L--L-R"
    }).iterate(2).apply({"L": "F","R": "F"}); 
    var turtle = require('turtle3d');
    var coords = turtle(lsystem.string(), 60 * (Math.PI / 180));

Uses an LSystem to build and then Turtle to apply the rules for a Gosper Flowsnake with two iterations, a two dimensional spacefilling fractal.


    F: draw and move one unit vector forward
    +: turn right
    -: turn left
    &: pitch up
    ^: pitch down
    <: roll right
    >: roll left
    |: reverse vector direction
    [: push current pen position
    ]: pop current position


With npm do:

npm install turtle3d