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minimal modules for a hypothetical es6 with lua's return


minimal modules for a hypothetical es6 with lua's return, inspired by substack/mmmify and motivated by @shtylman.

Use import PATH to load a module from the string PATH. import is a keyword like typeof that just returns an ordinary value.

Use return VALUE in the top level scope to export functionality and jump out of the current context.

// main.js 
var foo = import './foo.js'
// foo.js 
var bar = import './bar.js'
return function (n) { return bar(n) * 10 };
// bar.js 
return function (n) { return n + 3 };

build it with browserify:

$ browserify -t turn main.js > bundle.js

then run it with node (or a browser):

$ node bundle.js


var turn = require('turn')

This module is a browserify transform but you don't need to use browserify necessarily to use it.

Return a through-stream desugaring the import keyword and top level return into require() and module.exports=... that can be parsed by node and browserify.

With npm do:

npm install turn