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Convert tumblr blog entries to prosemirror format


npm install --save tumblr-to-prosemirror


var convert = require('tumblr-to-prosemirror');
    host: '', // Some tumblr host. Just hostname, please. 
    apiKey: 'someApiKey',
    json: false // Set to true if you want "plain old javascript objects" instead of actual ProseMirror `Node` instances. 
}, function onConverted(err, posts) {
    if (err) {
        throw err;

Each item in the resulting array passed to the callback contains two keys: tumblr and prosemirror.

  • tumblr is the raw object returned by the tumblr API
  • prosemirror is the "body" field of the post parsed to either a ProseMirror node (default) or a JSON structure, if json is set to true in the options. Note that the body field is only actually used for text posts, and each post type seems to have it's own field containing the HTML. tumblr-to-prosemirror will try to resolve that field in the following order:
    1. body
    2. caption
    3. text
    4. description


MIT-licensed, see LICENSE