A wrapper for the Tumblr API


A node.js wrapper for the Tumblr API v2.

$ npm install tumblr
var tumblr = require('tumblr');
var oauth = {
  consumer_key: 'OAuth Consumer Key',
  consumer_secret: 'OAuth Consumer Secret',
  token: 'OAuth Access Token',
  token_secret: 'OAuth Access Token Secret'
var blog = new tumblr.Blog('blog.tumblr.com', oauth);
blog.text({limit: 2}, function(errorresponse) {
  if (error) {
    throw new Error(error);
var user = new tumblr.User(oauth);
user.info(function(errorresponse) {
  if (error) {
    throw new Error(error);
{BlogUser} = require 'tumblr'
oauth =
  consumer_key: 'OAuth Consumer Key'
  consumer_secret: 'OAuth Consumer Secret'
  token: 'OAuth Access Token'
  token_secret: 'OAuth Access Token Secret'
blog = new Blog 'blog.tumblr.com'oauth
blog.text limit: 2(error, response) ->
  throw new Error error if error
  console.log response.posts
user = new User oauth
user.info (error, response) ->
  throw new Error error if error
  console.log response.user
  • info(callback)
  • avatar([size, ]callback)
  • followers([options, ]callback)
  • likes([options, ]callback)
  • posts([options, ]callback)
  • text([options, ]callback)
  • quote([options, ]callback)
  • link([options, ]callback)
  • answer([options, ]callback)
  • video([options, ]callback)
  • audio([options, ]callback)
  • photo([options, ]callback)

Options list please refer to Tumblr API v2 - Blog Methods

  • info(callback)
  • dashboard([options, ]callback)
  • likes([options, ]callback)
  • following([options, ]callback)

Options list please refer to Tumblr API v2 - User Methods

  • search(tag[, options], callback)

Options list please refer to Tumblr API v2 - Tagged Methods

DO NOT directly modify the lib files. These files are automatically built from CoffeeScript sources located under the src directory.

To do build run:

npm run build

Big thanks to all contributors.

The MIT License, see the included license.md file.