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A web based tool that allows you to download all photos and videos you 'liked' at Tumblr as a ZIP file. Tumblikes is based on node.js.


Node as of version 0.8.x. Tumblr oAuth API credentials. To get them got to and create an account if you don't happen to have one. Then go to and register an application.

Installation and Running

$ git clone
$ cd tumblikes
$ npm install
$ cp config.js.example config.js
$ vi config.js
$ NODE_ENV=production node app.js

Then point your browser to the location configured at config.js and enjoy!

Copyright & Authors

(c) 2012 Stefan Strigler


Tumblikes is licensed unter the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE as of version 3. For details please have a look at the file COPYING that should have been distributed with this software.