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A tool to migrate your tumblr posts to bumble-friendly markdown files. You run it from the root of your bumble app like so:

    Usage: node ./bin/tumble-bumble [tumblr name | URL]
      --limit, -l             The maximum number of posts to retrieve                  [default: "all"]
      --output_directory, -o  The output directory for posts. (Must already exist)     [default: "blog"]
      --download_images, -i   Download images from photo posts                         [default: false]
      --image_path, -I        The output directory for images. (Must already exist)    [default: "public/images"]
      --type, -t              The type of posts for which you want to generate files.  [default: ""]

post type support

  • text
  • chat: Renders chat session as a list (<ul>) of messages (<li>). Each message is also a list (<ul>) of one (message only) or two (author and message) items (<li>).
  • link
  • quote
  • photo (only one photo per post currently)
  • audio
  • video