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    TOAST UI Tools: Code Snippet

    Group of utility methods to make ease with developing javascript applications.

    GitHub release npm GitHub license PRs welcome code with hearth by NHN

    🚩 Table of Contents

    📙 Documents

    You can also see the older versions of API page on the releases page.

    🎨 Features

    • ajax
      • Send the Ajax request
    • array
      • Handle arrays
    • browser
      • Detect browser
    • collection
      • Process collections
      • Support util methods for collections
    • customEvents
      • Add/Remove/fire custom events
    • defineClass
      • Define classes
    • domEvent
      • Add, remove, fire DOM events
      • Control mouse events
    • domUtil
      • Control the information of DOM
      • Add, remove, find DOM class name
    • enum
      • Manage constant value
      • Make immutability values but IE8 low
    • formatDate
      • Format date strings
    • inheritance
      • Simple inheritance (Nicholas C. Zakas, YUI Library)
      • Call supur constructor of superclass
      • Have to get inheritance before define child
      • Use mixin and inner object
    • object
      • Support utils to control object
    • request
      • Request image ping
    • string
      • Support utils such as decodeHTMLEntity, encodeHTMLEntity
    • tricks
      • Creates a debounced function and a throttled function
    • type
      • Check data type

    💾 Install

    TOAST UI products can be used by using the package manager or downloading the source directly. However, we highly recommend using the package manager.

    Via Package Manager

    TOAST UI products are registered in two package managers, npm. You can conveniently install it using the commands provided by each package manager. When using npm, be sure to use it in the environment Node.js is installed.


    $ npm install --save tui-code-snippet # Latest version 
    $ npm install --save tui-code-snippet@<version> # Specific version 

    Download Source Files

    🔨 Usage

    Import only functions that you need in your code:

    var func = require('tui-code-snippet/<folder>/<function>');
    // for example,
    var inArray = require('tui-code-snippet/array/inArray');
    var customEvents = require('tui-code-snippet/customEvents/customEvents');

    The folder structure can be found here.


    Since v2.0, it does not provide bundle files. If you need a bundle file, you should make it yourself using the command npm run bundle.

    $ git clone https://github.com/nhn/tui.code-snippet.git
    cd tui.code-snippet
    $ npm install
    $ npm run bundle

    After executing npm run bundle, the uncompressed(tui-code-snippet.js) and minified(tui-code-snippet.min.js) files are created in the dist folder.

    ├─ dist
    │  ├─ tui-code-snippet.js
    │  ├─ tui-code-snippet.min.js
    ├─ ...

    The entry file is index.js. When you do not modify index.js, all methods of tui.code-snippet will be included in the bundle file. To bundle the methods you need, remove other methods in the entry file.

    // index.js
    // for example, you need inArray, forEach and isArray methods only.

    🌏 Browser Support

    Chrome Chrome IE Internet Explorer Edge Edge Safari Safari Firefox Firefox
    Yes 8+ Yes Yes Yes

    🔧 Pull Request Steps

    TOAST UI products are open source, so you can create a pull request(PR) after you fix issues. Run npm scripts and develop yourself with the following process.


    Fork master branch into your personal repository. Clone it to local computer. Install node modules. Before starting development, you should check to have any errors.

    $ git clone https://github.com/{your-personal-repo}/tui.code-snippet.git
    cd tui.code-snippet
    $ npm install
    $ npm run test


    Let's start development! Don't miss adding test cases and then make green rights.

    Run karma test

    $ npm run test

    Pull Request

    Before PR, check to test lastly and then check any errors. If it has no error, commit and then push it!

    For more information on PR's step, please see links of Contributing section.

    💬 Contributing

    🍞 TOAST UI Family

    📜 License

    This software is licensed under the MIT License © NHN.


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