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This project was a way to learn how to write a Node CLI app for me. Do not steal music or other audio off YouTube. I do not take responsibility for any usage of this application - again, it was built for EDUCATIONAL purposes, as both a learning experience for myself and for others to also learn from.


$ npm i tuber -g



$ tuber -p <PLAYLIST_ID>

where <PLAYLIST_ID> is the id of a YouTube Playlist found in the URL of the Playlist. Only download playists of about 10 at a time to be safe - you will get an error saying you're submitting too many requests if you use a playlist larger than about 20-25 videos. Connection speed might have something to do with this.

Suggesting feautres

I would absolutely love it if you would suggest a feature that I could implement, or implement one yourself so I can study it. Currently the Tuberfile.js doesn't do anything but execute code inside the program, but if there is a good use for it let me know!