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tualo-ide is an development environment running in browsers.



npm install tualo-ide -g


A sample configuration file can be found in config in the module directory. At the startup tualo-ide searches for a configuration file. This is the search order:

  • /etc/tualo-ide/config.json
  • [module-directory]/config/config.json

The configuration is a JSON-File. The following entries are required in that file:

  • project_file The file where to put the project configurations
  • host The hostname or IP-Address where the service should listen
  • port The port where the service should listen
  • project_cookie_name The cookie name
  • auth_cookie_name The authentication cookie name
  • session_secret A secret string for cookie encryption


You can start the service with:

tualo-ide start

Stoping the service simply call:

tualo-ide stop

For restarting the service simply call:

tualo-ide restart

You also can run the service as single instance:


After the service is started successfully open the browser and browse to http://[your host]:[your port]/.