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Simple TSV/CSV converter and parser. Good for serving time-series (or any series) data to use in D3.js or other client-side graph libraries.

Processing is synchronous. Do not use for large datasets - use something that supports streams instead, like node-csv-parser.


npm install tsv


var csv = require('csv')
var tsv = require('xsv').tsv
{ tsv, csv } = require 'xsv' // coffeescript

The data argument for stringify must be a flat array of objects. Keys will be derived from the first item.

    { id: 1, name: 'xx' },
    { id: 2, name: 'yy' }


id  name
1   xx
2   yy


  • TSV.stringify(object)
  • TSV.parse(tsv_string)
  • CSV.stringify(object)
  • CSV.parse(csv_string)

Options and custom separators

No headers:

// Creating a new parser
var Parser = require('tsv').Parser
var CSV = new Parser(",", { header: false })

// Using the default parser
var CSV = require('tsv').CSV
CSV.header = false

Custom "pipe-separated values":

var TSV = require('tsv')
PSV = new TSV.Parser("|")

var res = PSV.parse(...)