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    TSUN - TypeScript Upgraded Node

    TSUN, a TypeScript Upgraded Node, supports a REPL and interpreter for TypeScript. When invoked without ts file argument, TSUN works as a repl where you can type in expression. When you pass ts file to TSUN in command line argument, TSUN will automatically run it with invisible compilation.


    • TS 2.0 support
    • Keyword highlight
    • Tab-completion support
    • Multiple Line Mode
    • Paste Mode
    • Definition Lookup
    • directly execute TypeScript application like node
    • Vim-Worksheet support
    • And hidden feature for your exploration


    npm install -g tsun


    • Use it as repl: tsun
    • Use it as interpreter: tsun path/to/app.ts
    • Other repl command can be accessed by typing :help
    • Command Line options can be viewd by passing -h or --help option


    When used as interpreter, tsun will create a temporary directory as output directory and create a node process to execute compiled js. So it is usually a problem to correctly resolve node_modules path or definition file like *.d.ts. Currently, tsun make two symbolic links for node_modules and typings directories in temporary directory, conventionally.

    TSUN will find the closest tsconfig.json relative to your working directory. You can now compile TypeScript to ES6 in node6+!

    Custom definition files and JavaScript library support will be added in next releases.


    Keyword Highlight Keyword Highlight

    Tab-completion Tab Completion

    Multiple Line Editing, typing double blank lines will escape from Multiple line mode Multiple Line Editing

    Paste Mode Paste Mode

    Definition Lookup Definition Lookup

    And there is more for your exploration...


    If you need these, please let me know by making issues!

    • Add customization
    • Add tsun config. Now tsun will read the closest tsconfig.json relative to the working directory you execute it.


    npm i tsun

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