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    🌌 MAL-Scrapper 🌌

    Simple MAL-Scrapper

    Features 🦾 How To Use 📖Download 💾 License


    This documentation is based on the version 2.1.1 of this package. If you are using an older version of this package I recommend you to update it. Btw, the doc of older versions are on: https://github.com/Tsukiapp/MAL-scrapper/blob/main/src/%40deprecated/readme.md

    Features 🦾

    • Fetch info about anime
      • Search animes and extract their information instantly, direct from myanimelist.
    • Fecth seasonal animes
      • Fetch the top 50 animes in this season.
    • Get news
      • Fetch the latest news from myanimelist, preview and full detailed.
    • Fetch top animes
      • Fetch the top 50 animes.

    How To Use 📖

    import AnimeClass from "Tsukiapp-mal-scrapper"; 
    // Intialize the class:
    const Anime = new AnimeClass();
    //getAnimeInfo(keyword: string, type: string)
    // -> type could be either: 'anime' and 'manga'
    const JujutsuKaisenInfo = await Anime.getAnimeInfo('Jujutsu%20Kaisen','anime');
    return -> {
      title: string
      score: string
      description: string
      coverImage: string,
      thumbnailImage: string,
      images: string[],
      characters: Object[]
    //getNewsDetails(newsPreviewUrl: getNewsPreview, id: string)
    // -> id must be the ID of the new and getNewsPreview function as a parameter:
    let newDetailed = await Anime.getNewsDetails(getNewsPreview, '63779601');
    return -> {
      contentTitle: string,
      contentImage: string,
      contentDescription: string
    let newPreview = await Anime.getNewsPreview();
    return -> [{
      ID: number,
      newsID: string,
      newsTitle: string,
      newsDescription: string,
      newsThumbnail: string,
      newsDate: string
    let seasonalAnime = await Anime.getSeasonalInfo();
    return -> [{
      Id: number (autogenerated is not the anime's ID),
      link: string,
      title: string,
      producer: string,
      images, string[],
      genre: sring,
      description: string,
      score: string but can parsed into number -> maybe later,
      members: string
    let topAnime = await Anime.getTopAnime();
    return -> [{
      thumbnailImage: string,
      url: string,
      title: string,
      stats: string

    Download 💾

    To clone and run this application, you'll need Git and Node.js (which comes with npm) installed on your computer. From your command line:

    # Clone this repository
    $ git clone https://github.com/Tsukiapp/MAL-scrapper.git
    # Go into the repository
    $ cd MAL-scrapper
    # Install dependencies
    $ npm install
    # Build
    $ npm run build
    # Run the app
    $ npm run start

    Credits 📚

    This software uses the following open source packages:

    License 🔐

    The source code of this project is under the MIT license

    GitHub @Tsukiapp.   Github @alejandro0619.  


    npm i tsukiapp-mal-scrapper

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