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Converts TSS (Titanium Style Sheets) to STSS (Sassy Titanium Style Sheets). That's all it does.

How to use this tool

You can run it from the command line. The current version has two parameters: input and output.

tss2stss index.tss index.stss

Or convert whole projects at once:

tss2stss app/styles app/styles/stss

You can also incorporate this into your own project:

var tss2stss = require('tss2stss');


v0.3.0 - 16-06-2015

  • Improved support for more complex selectors - by @xavierlacot

v0.2.0 - 24-10-2014

  • Shorthand notations like left instead of Ti.UI.TEXT_ALIGNMENT_LEFT are now optimised in the compiler
  • A simple testsuite has been added

v0.1.0 - 21-10-2014

  • Initial release of this tool


Any help with development is welcome. Please take a look at the issues list if you want to work on something, or discuss a new feature.

Running the tests

Currently the TSS to STSS conversion is tested using a Ti Alloy app that compiles the TSS files in the tests/tss2stss-test-app/tss-fixtures directory into STSS files in the tests/tss2stss-test-app/app/styles directory. After that a ti build is triggered and the stss hook compiles the STSS back to TSS, which are then validated by the ti build. If any errors occur during this process, you will see this in the console.

You can run these tests by executing the file in the app's directory.