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Total Shots Ratio (tsr) is a means of expressing the number of shots taken by a team to the number of shots condeded. Theoretically, more successful teams should have higher TSR's.

TSR is a very simple calculation. The number of shots created by a team is divided by the numbers of shot created plus the number of shots conceded.

TSR = (taken / ( taken + conceded))

Getting started

Install the module with: npm install tsr

Require the module in your js: var tsr = require('tsr');

TSR takes two arguments: shots taken + shots conceded. You can pass in either numbers or arrays.

tsr(taken, conceded);
tsr(10, 10); // 0.5 
tsr(10, 30); // 0.25 
tsr([5,5], [15,15]); // 0.25 

There is a fantastic overview of TSR and a few more complex alternatives over at 11tegen11 that you might want to check out. Thanks @11tegen11


Copyright (c) 2013 jacquestardie
Licensed under the MIT license.